Monday, October 19, 2009

The first of many lists

I love making lists. Someone at grad school told me they can be a kind of poetry, and I agree. Lists have a logic and eloquence of their own.

A Dozen Things About Parenthood I Can't Wait to Experience:
  1. Crafting sudsy baby-hair mohawks in the tub
  2. Having a good excuse for why I'm late all the time
  3. Planning low-budget, high-fun birthday parties
  4. Seeing the Waffle Prince (aka my husband) pass on the family recipe
  5. Playing drums in baby music classes where I don't have the worst rhythm
  6. Rubbing herbal oils on my beach-ball belly
  7. Becoming part of a lineage of women who have created life
  8. Singing "One Tin Soldier" slightly off key at bedtime
  9. Knitting items that might actually be practical (booties, blankets, hats, etc.)
  10. Employing my considerable talent for barnyard animal sounds
  11. Making "art" and "jewelry" out of noodles and paper scraps with my child
  12. Snuggling in a sleeping bag with a snoozing bundle of joy on "baby's first camping trip"

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