Friday, October 16, 2009

Life happens

Yesterday, I was supposed to get another pap home, in my bed, with a midwife doing the dirty work.

It didn't happen, because the midwife was--you guessed it--attending a birth. When she called and apologized for canceling, all I could say was, "Life happens (literally)." Silly, I know, but it felt good to embrace the notion that pregnancy, birth, and parenting are all about flexibility.
This is a quality that I need to cultivate. Call me pathetic, but I have been know to "sweat the small stuff. By not freaking about a missed appointment yesterday, I took is a baby step, if you will, on the path to greater flexibility. Even in insignificant moments such as these, a control-freak like me as to take my tiny triumphs where I can get them.

But really, are there any insignificant moments, especially if you're a parent? Isn't life the accumulation of all the reactions we have--positive and negative, controlled and reactive--to the constant flow of stimulation we encounter? I've heard it said that, when you have a child, every moment is "a teaching moment." From the memories I have of my parents doing the most mundane things, reacting to their world, in such unique and influential ways, I know this to be true. It's such a gift to have a parent who models flexibility--I think it makes the world a much less scary place. I hope I can learn to be one of those people.

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