Thursday, December 17, 2009


I haven't posted since Monday because I've been too crazy--we've had something to do every night after work, which just kills me. Add onto that madness the leftover fatigue from the party we threw last weekend. Then toss in a dash of alcohol every night. Finish the week off with brownies, cookies, toffee, cake and more at work and voila! you have the New Me.

Considering this turn of events, it seems I may have fully achieved my goal for the month: to stop trying to become the perfect vessel for conception and actually increase the likelihood of being fertile because I'm less controlling overall.

"Chillax," as my husband would say. I'm not sure I managed to either "chill" or "relax" in terms of stress this month, but I did successfully mellow out about alcohol and caffeine, and I stopped beating myself up for every sugary treat and missed day of exercise. Will this add up to better odds of conception? I'll keep you posted. While we're wating, would you care for some eggnog?

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  1. Cheers to "chillaxing"
    mmmmm eggnog!
    Happy Holidays sweetie xx