Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Round Five

So, I didn't have to stress about whether or not to use the Early Results Pregnancy Test because it became obvious to me that I was going to get my period last weekend, while camping. And I did. *sigh* Not the most fun part of my 30th birthday, I have to say.

When I made sad eyes at my husband about another cycle come and gone without a pregnancy, he repeats his fertility mantra: "We have to stay positive. That's the most important thing."

Is he right? Is it worth getting my hopes up every month? Wouldn't it maybe be better to be painfully pessimistic and wallow in how unlikely we are to get pregnant and then--wow!--someday end up pleasantly surprised? Three couples I know needed fertility help for their first kids and then got pregnant without trying about seven years down the line. Maybe if I just give up hope and condoms, someday I'll miraculously spawn a child! But alas, I suppose cynicism and negativity don't create the optimal baby-making environment, spiritually speaking.

I'm such a whiner--we've only been trying for four months and I'm already discouraged? Millions of women have had to keep their spirits up for years before they carry a child to term. I need to suck it up! Pep talk complete: tonight I'll toast to my husband's wisdom (yes, I'm drinking again and it's dreamy) and will "stay positive" for another spin of the lunar cycle.

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