Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dreamy, baby!

The Dream Baby came back, looking for a snack again. Same baby, same nursing moment. Second dream.

Uh-oh. I'm getting attached.

Of course, this time I Googled the phrase dream nursing baby and came up with all kinds of crappy interpretations, several of which suggested that the dream means I'll "be deceived by the one I love most." I I am not going for that pessimistic vision; it just doesn't sit right with the tenor of the dream, which is so tender it hurts.

I know this dream has something to do with turning 30 in two weeks. There's something unsettling and also beautiful in knowing that my life is going to be here, in this place, doing this job, next to this husband for a long, long time. So I kept looking for a more suitable interpretation for my dream and, since the Internet is "good like that," I quickly found something that makes more sense to me: "To dream of someone nursing a baby or doing so yourself, asks you to provide the correct nurturing environment to develop a new aspect of yourself." Yes! This feels right.

But will this new aspect of myself be a mother-me? Who will I be if that happens?

Who will I be if it doesn't?...Which option is scarier?

And--back to the dream--what IS the correct nurturing environment for this new aspect of myself???

I guess I'm going to have to ask my dreams for some answers.


  1. cathy- i think you need to start writing down all the dreams you have that you remember. i think seeing them together will tell you what they mean, and you won't have to look to the internet. I have been doing that since this summer and while one dream on its own is often very strange when you see them together they start to make a certain sense. also, you may have dreams that are not literally about this baby but are about the baby in some other way that you'll come to realize.

    just a suggestion. i don't really believe in the dream dictionary stuff but i believe that each person has their own individual dream dictionary, if you take the time to make it, and those can be very illuminating. my dreams have always helped me see what i am thinking about below the surface of what i am aware im thinking about.

    your dream baby sounds sweet though.
    i dream of my grandpa sometimes, and i wish it happened more often

  2. ps- i do like the interpretation you found online though!