Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pandora's Pink Box

"Test 5 Days Sooner*" screams my Walgreens Early Result Pregnancy Test in a hot pink voice. I've always hated pink, but this little item caught my eye last month.

The * footnote explains that,"The amount of pregnancy hormone increases rapidly in early pregnancy. In clinical testing the ERPT detected the pregnancy hormone in 53% of women when testing 4 days before their expected period, 74% at 3 days..., 84% at 2 days...and 87% at one day before their expected period." (Does a single "pregnancy hormone" really exist? Why not just name it?) This bold claim is why I bought the test, even though I tried to resist.

I'm now entering the week before my period and am getting my typical antsy feeling (sorry you have to hear about it again). For two mornings in a row, I was queasy--is it a sign? My breasts have been hurting since I ovulated--is it a sign?? The perfume department of Macy's is even more repulsive than usual--is it a sign???

As you can see, if I can shave off one, two, or even THREE days of waiting and wondering if I'm pregnant, it might be worth it. However, if I can just wait a little longer, the box proudly proclaims that the test is, "Over 99% Accurate from the day of your expected period." So, is it better to wait it out and get the most accurate result, or just go for it and get a pretty accurate result?

It seems from the box's simplistic explanation that if I got an incorrect result, it would most likely be a false-negative. This would mean that even though I'd think I was not pregnant, I'd soon fail to get my period and thus the result would be quickly invalidated--and I'd be pregnant. Yay! So I ask you, what's the harm in testing a little early?

To be continued...

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