Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pandora's Pink Box: Pt. 2

Okay, HOW early are we talking here? I've had cycles ranging from 27 to 35 days in the past five months--I wonder what to expect this time around the red ferris wheel? Thanksgiving will be the 27th day of this cycle, and if the test came out negative I could drink delicious white wine with impunity and give thanks for the buzz that would oh-so-quickly follow. BUT, by that date the test is likely only 53-74% accurate--not the best odds. Hmmmmm.

So, if I wait to test until this Saturday when I'm out backpacking, then:

A) I might already have my period, or

B) I'd most likely be within the 84-99% accuracy range, assuming my period won't come any later than day 35 of my cycle.

If I get the negative result then, I can really booze it up to celebrate my 30th birthday! And hopefully, I'll be so happy that I'm camping, drinking and entering a new decade of my life that I won't be too upset about the negative result. And, if I get a positive result, that would be the best birthday gift ever.

On the flip side though, while waiting until the weekend might be the most responsible choice, the thought of washing down my turkey dinner with a couple of glasses of Gerzurtztaminer is mighty appetizing.

Readers, do you have a vote??? (And you can’t vote for me to be less crazy—sorry.)

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